lab-band dilation

so – here’s a little more on what happened. back in January I was at the sundance film festival for work. and something got stuck. really stuck. to the point that i couldn’t even swallow my own spit. but i was at sundance. and there aren’t any band doctors in park city. so i was miserable. and i pushed it. and it was bad. so when i got back they tried to take out all of the fluid to see if the pouch (which should have been the size of a walnut but was now the size of a tangerine) would go back to normal….but it didn’t. he said it was lap-band dilation (continually overstretch your pouch by overeating, eating too fast, taking bites that are too big etc), you can cause your pouch to dilate or stretch out.) and my lapband was not the same. i did not have the same restriction. i could eat just about anything no matter how tight it my band was. so i waited – hoping it would go back. and waited. and ate. and waited. and ate. and gained. so then talked to the doctor again and decided to have him go “in” and move the band up a bit to make it the size of a walnut again. however, this would cost $12k. now – fortunately, my insurance should cover it this time – but as you all know, insurance takes a while. so i had to wait several months to get insurance approval. once it was approved, i had to wait to get a surgery date. all the while, gaining more weight….so here i am – at 178 lbs. when 6 months ago i was at 122. a size 4 to a current size 14. surgery was 2 days ago. they replaced the band b/c i thought as long as they are in there, why the heck not! but – now i have to go through the whole liquid/mushy stages again and wait a month for my first fill, etc. lesson learned – follow the rules. on a side note, my husband got his lap-band in march and has lost 40 lbs and is doing great. hope everyone is doing great. anyone else had this happen?

new lapband

so….it’s been a while. my lapband broke. i got a new one on thursday. gained 45 lbs back in the meantime. will write more later if anyone is interested….but it’s been a struggle. here’s to round 2!

Went into NWWLS this morning and met with the ooh so fabulous Dr. Montgomery. He was fantastic. Listened and explained so much and the end result is that he put me back to where I have restriction and I’m soooo happy! Life is so good again. Now I just need to get those pesky 10 pounds off that I gained while I was unrestricted and I’ll be a happy camper again.

Has anyone in the Seattle area had a tummy tuck or breast lift? If so, any doctors you would recommend?

I am so not getting the “full” feeling. I keep eating and eating and eating. Ughhhhh. This is rediculous!

It’s been 5 days since the took all of the saline out of my band b/c I got steak stuck in it. Well, they put 5 cc’s back in last monday but you wouldn’t know it b/c I have NO restriction. I’ve gained 7 lbs! Yesterday I had fish n chips for lunch, a butterfinger, an entire pint of ben n jerry’s chubby hubby, cookies, cheese…you name it – I ate it. So I tried to make an appointment today to get some more saline put in but they wouldn’t do it – said no more fill until this coming monday. At which time they will put in 2 cc’s – which will bring me up to 7…then I have to wait ANOTHER WEEK to get the additional 2 which would put me back to where I was (9cc’s in my 10cc band). I’m so frustrated. By that time I will probably gain back 20 lbs. I want to learn how to do fills myself so I don’t have to deal with this. Has anyone actually done a fill themself??? Lap-Band land is not a good place to be this week…

Check out this article about how Realize’s Ad Effort Is a First for DTC Marketing of a Medical Device

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) — In the video, Viki, a middle-age blonde, tears up recounting her moment of truth: A couple of years ago she was so obese that she could not chase after her toddler to keep him from running into the street.

DTC device marketing is not new, but Ethicon’s YouTube effort is a first for a device. DTC device marketing is not new, but Ethicon’s YouTube effort is a first for a device.

If this sounds like a setup for a weight-loss ad, that’s because it is. But not for a diet shake, pill or plan. The video is for Ethicon Endo-Surgery’s Realize adjustable gastric band — a device placed around the stomach that restricts food intake. The video is on Realize Band’s branded YouTube channel.

“Video is such a powerful medium for people who are having this type of surgery,” said Mary Ann Belliveau, managing director of Google Health Vertical. “What the channel does is give the patients a home for this, so they can get a more thorough experience, specifically with the company and the brand.”

Last night (yes – at 9pm on the 4th of July) I had to have all the fluid taken out of my band. All day I was feeling ill – like a horrible stomach ache…well – I thought it might have been constipation – so I took a laxitive – but that didn’t  help. So then I began to think that it might have had something to do w/ this piece of steak I ate last night. I was having a horrible time keeping anything down so I decided to bite the bullet and call the emergency lap-band doc. She was so nice – and actually had me come to her house in Seattle for an unfill! I swear – Northwest Weight Loss Surgery is the BEST! I feel SOOOOO much better – I was actually worried I might get dehydrated like last time this happened. So now I have no restriction. But I’m going to control my eating until I can get filled again. Ooh – she didn’t want to put the fluid back in b/c she said my stomach is probably swollen from being stuck so to come in next week and they will put the saline back. I just hope that they don’t put it back in like last time which took about 3 visits b/c now that I’m paying about $150/fill (it’s been over a year since my band) that could get pricy! Ahhhh – the life of a bandster!