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Interesting article about how the Australian government may help finance lap-band surgery…when will that follow in the states?!?!

Government considers plan to pay for lap-band surgery
In a significant change in federal policy the morbidly obese would immediately qualify for surgery.

A parliamentary inquiry is expected to report in the next week on the need for making bariatric surgery – popularly known as lap band surgery – widely available for those deemed to be unable to lose weight through other means.

The scheme would cut waiting lists and provide support services such as nutritionists and mental health experts.

It is expected the taxpayer would finance the scheme.

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Just thought it would be interesting to find out what my readers do for a living…student, nurse, sales, mom, etc?

I am the director of marketing & analytics at an amazing 80 person, 15 year old advertising/design agency in Seattle called HL2. Basically, I work with our clients to help them to establish customer insights, new opportunities to build their brands and measure their marketing effectiveness. Some of our clients include:

Prior to HL2 I worked at Expedia in the Media Solutions department where I managed the marketing communications and analytics teams. I left Expedia for HL2 because a) my commute is now 15 minutes instead of an hour each way b) I love the creative environment and the flexibility of working on different accounts.

At HL2, we do amazing work. It’s wonderful to leave work everyday knowing that your job is to create ideas that people love. I couldn’t be more lucky!

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