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Last night (yes – at 9pm on the 4th of July) I had to have all the fluid taken out of my band. All day I was feeling ill – like a horrible stomach ache…well – I thought it might have been constipation – so I took a laxitive – but that didn’t  help. So then I began to think that it might have had something to do w/ this piece of steak I ate last night. I was having a horrible time keeping anything down so I decided to bite the bullet and call the emergency lap-band doc. She was so nice – and actually had me come to her house in Seattle for an unfill! I swear – Northwest Weight Loss Surgery is the BEST! I feel SOOOOO much better – I was actually worried I might get dehydrated like last time this happened. So now I have no restriction. But I’m going to control my eating until I can get filled again. Ooh – she didn’t want to put the fluid back in b/c she said my stomach is probably swollen from being stuck so to come in next week and they will put the saline back. I just hope that they don’t put it back in like last time which took about 3 visits b/c now that I’m paying about $150/fill (it’s been over a year since my band) that could get pricy! Ahhhh – the life of a bandster!

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I was writing to my friend Christina complaining (go figure…me…complain…unheard of!) I was afraid that I’m becoming a boring bandster now that I’m in this post-surgery/pre-fill/no restriction phase. So, the brilliant recently banded Christina wrote:

“First of all, you are not a boring bandster, you can always give updates on your pain.  I know that is always a popular topic, people always to know what to expect.  You can give an update so the people behind you can get an idea of how you are doing these days… are you totally pain free?  do you not feel like your innards are coming out anymore?  Are you pooping normally, eating normally, getting all the protein, do you have hiccups (I do) yadda yadda yadda.  How it felt the first time you sneezed.  (hurts!)  that’s all stuff that at least I would want to know.  we all know you hate exercise so i wont look for that :-)”

Isn’t she a smart cookie? I think so! So here are the answers (I feel like I’m being interviewed…how fun!):

Are you totally pain free?  Yes! I’m totally 100% pain free. I would say I became pain free at the 2.5 week mark. I can now sleep on any side I like, twist, turn, bend, and all of the other wonderfullness that comes with being pain free. 😉 I remember feeling like I would always have some pain during the 2nd week…when it hurt to even sit for long periods of time – but this is over. I forget I even have the band in me. Port pain is a thing of the past.

Do you not feel like your innards are coming out anymore? Not at all. I think this was paranoia from the port incisions. I’ve never really been “sliced” into and I was just being silly…but that only lasted for about 2 days after I was banded.

Are you pooping normally? I never really pooped normally…maybe one poop every other day…and they were never “easy” poops…but the benefiber sure helps! I remember I once saw on Oprah that when you look at your poops in the toilet they should be in the shape of a C or an S (you look at your poops, I know you do). With the benefiber, I do poop every morning like clockwork – and they are “good, simple” poops. It’s oddly fulfilling. Definitely one less thing to worry about!

Eating normally? Totally normal. Everything except for bread, pasta, rice, crackers, etc. Basically nothing with wheat or too many carbs. But I eat steak, carrots, all fish, chicken, mushrooms, tuna fish, squash, etc. Have not had a problem yet…no vomiting…sometimes I wonder if the band is really in me or if it’s all a mental test and I’m “rat number 2128”.

Getting all the protein? Most definitely. I eat tuna everyday for lunch and have either steak, chicken or salmon for dinner each night. I am Mrs. Protein. I also drink a SlimFast-a-ccino shake every night before bed because it makes me feel like I’m having ice-cream. Yummm. It’s packed with protein, as well.

Do you have hiccups? Not right now. Do you? 🙂 I’ve had the hiccups – and they hurt like hell during the first couple of weeks of banding – but now when I hiccup, burp, laugh, sneeze, cough, etc I feel no pain. I think it’s your stomach muscles reaction to the surgery…but once you are healed, it’s all better.

How it felt the first time you sneezed? Like my innards were going to come out of me. 🙂 It felt like my stomach was going to burst. But now I sneeze like there’s no tomorrow and I feel no stomach pain.

I hope this helped. I hope I’m not becoming a boring bandster. If you have any questions, they definitely help me to come up with band-related things to write about. So remember, keep the comments coming. And Christina – you ROCK!

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I’ve started taking Benefiber. Why? Because I’ve found that I need a little somethin’ somethin’ to boost my fiber intake and I’m just not ready to make Milk of Magnesia a daily ritual.

And…get this – Benefiber really works! And – it’s not bad! I put it in my slim-fast-a-ccino last night and couldn’t taste it at all. So I added it to my coffee today and again, no notice of it whatsoever. And – it did the job….that fiber is supposed to do.

So I’m hooked. I’m a Benefiber Girl. I’ll be the new spokesmodel. If they need one, that is!


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Walking = Gas

Just got back from Target – big step for me. My first outing since surgery. I did pretty well. Held my hand over my port the entire time as I’m a bit paranoid all of my innards will fall out through the port incision. Didn’t happen. Well – that “exercise” definitely got something moving around inside me because when I came home I spent about 30 minutes in the bathroom making some pretty silly noises. My husband was downstairs giggling (I was so loud he could hear me…he is so sweet – he kept yelling upstairs “I love you, Poops – you’re so cute”! Dear lord. What we have MUST be love. 🙂

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Newsflash/Update: MOM definitely works. Yup…definitely does the job. No joking about it – you want to be regular – go get some MOM!

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It’s time to get things moving. It’s been 4 days since I’ve had a movement…yes – I’m writing about *it*. It’s my blog and I can write about it if I want to. Not that I want to – but I know some of you banders are going through the same thing so being the candid person that I am, I’m putting it all out there. This “lack of movement” issue was made known to me by the surgeon as something that would likely happen. So I was prepared. What I was not prepared for was the chalky taste and horrible texture of MOM. Well- I guess in 1-6 hours I’ll know if it works. If anyone has any better ideas or remedies please let me know. Definitely not a fan of the MOM.

milk of magnesia

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Some friends immediately wrote to me and said “Lise…you are NOT a loser”… well, actually that is exactly what I hope to be – a loser of weight! 🙂 By the way, waking up about every half hour…not from pain, but excitement…I did it! I did it! Also, a bit thirsty so drinking water every time I wakeup…which leads to going to the bathroom every other time I wake up. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been banded I [warning – a bit graphic] urinate a lot slower than I did prior. No more “whoosh” but more of a tinkle tinkle…pause…tinkle tinkle…pause…tinkle. Odd. More on this later since I know you are all very interested! Right. Also, I’ll be posting photos later today of my experience at Northwest Weight Loss Surgery yesterday…up until I headed into the surgery room. Big excitement!!!

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