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So honestly – how many of you banders do it? You know what I mean…eating a no-no lap-band food … such as pizza, pasta, nachos….oooh my! And then after you’ve chewed to your hearts content, spit the food out because you know if you swallow it, it will just come back up? I’ve been doing that – but only in the safety of my home. I want to know if this is just a weird thing that just I’m doing or if there are other banders that can relate.

In other news, I’m getting LASIK eye surgery to correct my vision today at 11am PST! Eeek. I’m going to Pacific Cataract and Lasik Institute in Bellevue, WA. Very nervous. Extremely nervous. I’ve had to wear glasses for the past 2 weeks v. contacts so my eyes will “go back to their normal shape”. See photo below.

Lise with glasses

Lise with glasses

Also have been tracking my steps via this cool pedometer that the folks from HealthVault sent me after reading my blog post about their cool weight tracking application – which rocks and is totally free. I realized that I’m not walking as much as I should be – only about 4,000 steps a day v. the recommended 8-10,000. But it sure was a nice gift from the HealthVault folks!

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Just thought it would be interesting to find out what my readers do for a living…student, nurse, sales, mom, etc?

I am the director of marketing & analytics at an amazing 80 person, 15 year old advertising/design agency in Seattle called HL2. Basically, I work with our clients to help them to establish customer insights, new opportunities to build their brands and measure their marketing effectiveness. Some of our clients include:

Prior to HL2 I worked at Expedia in the Media Solutions department where I managed the marketing communications and analytics teams. I left Expedia for HL2 because a) my commute is now 15 minutes instead of an hour each way b) I love the creative environment and the flexibility of working on different accounts.

At HL2, we do amazing work. It’s wonderful to leave work everyday knowing that your job is to create ideas that people love. I couldn’t be more lucky!

Seattle's Best Coffee Pike Place Market H&R Block Sage Windows Home Server Vail Resorts

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iVillage has this very cool tool – it’s an interactive snack swapper where you plug in your favorite “naughty” craving and click submit – then, they will provide you with ideas for a healthier version. It’s pretty cool. Check it out!

ivillage snack swapper

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Just another reminder that if anyone wants my weight loss tracking excel sheet, just reply to this thread and I’ll email it to you. Here is what mine looks like. Things have been slowing down but still losing which is all I care about! Yippeee!

lise weight loss data

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Well who would have thought that my little ol’ blog would have become such a hit! Tonight it reached a record high of 10,000 hits! Thank you all for your dedication, kind words of encouragement, delightful comments and support. Here’s to a wonderful future ahead of us and some amazing friendships along the way.


thank you design

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Found something pretty fun – a virtual weight loss simulator from Prevention. Just plug in your current weight and your goal weight and you have a mini-you…now and at your ideal weight. Here I am…now and at my ideal weight of 140. Pretty fun!

wls1 wls2

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