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Check out this article about how Realize’s Ad Effort Is a First for DTC Marketing of a Medical Device

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) — In the video, Viki, a middle-age blonde, tears up recounting her moment of truth: A couple of years ago she was so obese that she could not chase after her toddler to keep him from running into the street.

DTC device marketing is not new, but Ethicon’s YouTube effort is a first for a device. DTC device marketing is not new, but Ethicon’s YouTube effort is a first for a device.

If this sounds like a setup for a weight-loss ad, that’s because it is. But not for a diet shake, pill or plan. The video is for Ethicon Endo-Surgery’s Realize adjustable gastric band — a device placed around the stomach that restricts food intake. The video is on Realize Band’s branded YouTube channel.

“Video is such a powerful medium for people who are having this type of surgery,” said Mary Ann Belliveau, managing director of Google Health Vertical. “What the channel does is give the patients a home for this, so they can get a more thorough experience, specifically with the company and the brand.”

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I stopped taking my vitamins (flinstones) b/c i got tired of the taste and i heard on tv that they contain breast milk…or something like that. ok…probably not, but something like the minerals in breast milk. ewwwwwwww!!! anyone know of a chewable that isn’t horrible tasting? tried Costco generic. Ewwww.

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I can actually say I’m beginning to look “normal”. A “tight” size 12 now. 177.6 lbs. Yeahhh!!! Photos taken 3 days ago (on July 3rd).

Erik & Lise, July 2008

Whidbey Island, July 3, 2008

and a video of erik doing a little dance…just because!

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Just returned from a trip to Target…and boy was I shocked to fit into a size 14 pants! Especially when I was a size 22 just 3 months ago. Wow. Wow. Wow!

I purchased the following items for just over $100:

Xhilaration® Sigrid Buckle Flats – Black ($19.99)

Mossimo® Deirdre Jet-Heel Pumps – Black ($24.99)

Merona® Printed Cardigan – Big Money Green/ White ($22.99)

Merona® Shirtdress – Blue/ White Stripe ($6.98…gotta love clearance!)

Merona® Chino Trousers – Bonjour Brown ($22.99)

Mossimo® Black: Sheer Print Square-Neck Tee – Brown ($12.99)

and one other tee that I couldn’t find on the Target site to show you a picture of. And – a current photo of yours truly!
Whidbey Island - May 30-June 1, 2008

So sorry I’ve been missing in action lately. Been super busy with work, Whidbey Island, etc. No excuses, though. Weight has been coming off at a fantastic rate – no slowing down yet. I’m still at about 2.5 lbs loss per week…give or take.

We have Erik’s 20 year reunion coming up in a little under two months so I’m looking forward to wearing something nice to that.

How is the weight loss coming with all of you???

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From the New Jersey Bariatric Center

  1. Learn About the Surgical Procedure: Just as patients research and learn about what changes their bodies will undergo, it’s important for family members to do the same. Understanding the journey your family member is about to take will help you guide, coach and offer support throughout the process.
  2. Respect Patients New Eating Habits: Your family member’s eating habits are going to change drastically immediately after weight loss surgery. Be respectful of their weight loss goal, don’t bring “treats” to the hospital after surgery, don’t encourage them to finish their plate when their full and try to refrain from tempting them with food – “a little bite won’t hurt you” – or inadvertently sabotaging their efforts, i.e. giving them a box of chocolates as a gift.
  3. Don’t Blame the Patient: Over and over again patients remark that many of the toughest times during weight loss is when the family sits together at the dinner table. In many cases, the person who’s in charge of feeding the family is the patient, and the family overall sees a difference in the type of food now served that can be frustrating for family members. Fried chicken becomes grilled chicken, an ice cream treat is not a fruit treat. These little changes can cause bickering, squabbling and even heated debates at the dinner table. Try to stay away from responses such as “You chose this not me” or ‘Don’t punish me for your decisions,” stay calm, count to 10 before you respond, and find a solution that works for both parties.
  4. Prepare for the Dynamics of the Relationship to Change: Was this your friend who you always went out for ice cream sundaes with when times got tough? Was your family member always a little shy due to her/his weight causing them to shrink from attention? As the weight comes off, prepare for the dynamics of the relationship to change. Instead of bonding over food or taking your joint frustrations out with food, find a new activity to enjoy together that doesn’t involve food – join a gym, take a class or start a book club. And understand your family member is still the person you’ve always known and loved, they’re not changing on you – you’re seeing a new confident side of them that’s always been there but that they were uncomfortable expressing when they were carrying the extra weight.
  5. Compliment Success, Offer Encouragement During Setbacks: And finally, don’t forget to compliment your family member on the successes they’ve achieved, and offer encouragement during the more challenging times.

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Health: Weight Loss Journey With Famous Daughter
CBS Broadcasting Inc

In health, a life changing transformation — for people who lose a dramatic amount of weight, it can be just the beginning of the journey. Medical Reporter Stephanie Stahl takes you through the process with a famous daughter.

For Khaliah Ali, the 34-year-old daughter of Muhammad Ali, her struggles with weight have been a very public battle.

Four years ago, Khaliah lost 175 pounds after getting a lap band to reduce the size of her stomach. Even though she exercises, Khaliah still has a common problem for people who lose a dramatic amount of weight excess skin and tissue.

Caitlin Van Zandt’s Lap-Band Surgery
CBS Studios Inc.

Art is imitating life on “Guiding Light” these days because CAITLIN VAN ZANDT, who plays Ashlee on the CBS soap, had lap-band surgery — and there is no way the actress, who weighs more than 200 pounds, can shed the weight without her character doing the same.

ET was with the 22-year-old soap star as she began the process and we are with her two-and-a-half months later to show you her 30 pounds lighter.

Doctors Encourage Insurers to Cover Diabetes-Curing Bariatric Surgery

The diabetes-eliminating potential of bariatric surgery is gaining more attention, and doctors are emphasizing the benefit to encourage more insurance companies to pay for the surgery. In Wisconsin, few health plans do.

“More people should have this option,” said Dr. Michael Garren, a UW Health bariatric surgeon who operated on Graber. “At the very least, they should cover it for diabetics.”

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Guess what I got in the mail today??? My very own Lap-Band pedometer! Yes – remember way back during my post-op doctor visit when they gave me that “goodie” bag? Well, one item in it was a survey I could mail back to the Lap-Band folks and as a “thank you” for doing so, they would mail me a “free pedometer”. Well, about 2 months later it has finally arrived. I’m very excited to start using it. I’ll need Erik to set it up for me – but when he does I’ll be counting my steps! What fun!!!

Click on the images below to see the Lap-Band branded pedometer in it’s full glory!

Lap-Band Pedometer

Lap-Band Pedometer

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